End of the week ramblings!!

Hey there,

So I decided to record some of what I was thinking as I sat with the Lord yesterday and read through Jeremiah 11. I am in awe of the Lord, and I thank Him for His Word. I pray you are encouraged as you listen.  Have a great weekend. Be encouraged!



I would love to hear your thoughts. Shoot me a comment. Talk soon.



4 thoughts on “End of the week ramblings!!

  1. As I listened to your voice, I felt the miles melt. As sisters in Christ we are joined in saying, “I will” to God. I will attempt to make just and faithful decisions as I seek to show goodness to others and serve You. Use us. We are Yours.


  2. Thanks for these words, sweet Karen. Love listening to your voice speaking this poinent reminder of Gods word


  3. i enjoyed the insights. I agree that God’s patience will not endure forever but we know he is also merciful and when we repent and put that behind us he is faithful to forgive. Hope you get some clear answers soon. Until then…hang on. God will reveal it in his time.


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